A diesel particulate filter in the exhaust system in a car on a lift in a car workshop, seen from below.

DPF Systems in Raleigh and Throughout North Carolina

Your diesel particulate filter is essential for an environmentally friendly diesel vehicle. If your tractor trailer, heavy equipment or diesel engine truck was made after 2007, you have a DPF system that requires routine maintenance. Learn how Dixon Fleet Services can clean your filter and restore your system in the Raleigh Triangle area and throughout North Carolina.

Benefits of DPF Cleaning

Your DPF needs to block particulate matter less than 10 microns in size. Over time, the filter can become blocked and inefficient. A buildup of soot is usually prevented through normal engine temperatures, but it can require a more hands-on approach. Here are some benefits of receiving a professional cleaning service from our emergency roadside team:

      Improved fuel economy

      Reduced risk of DPF failure

      Reduced maintenance costs

      Improved performance

A clogged filter can limit airflow in your exhaust system. The first signs may be a drop in fuel economy and engine performance, but over time this maintenance issue can lead to major engine damage. Don’t wait until your diesel truck is on the side of the road before scheduling a cleaning service. We’ll set a convenient maintenance schedule for your vehicle for preventative maintenance.

Our Cleaning Process

At Dixon Fleet Services, we specialize in mobile and on-site cleaning and preventative maintenance for heavy equipment and tractor trailers. Schedule a service with one of our qualified diesel mechanics before you experience any performance issues with your diesel engine. By scheduling a visit, you can take care of the problem on your own schedule and reduce the risk of major failure and downtime.

We thoroughly flush the filter and restore components to OEM specifications for restored airflow and engine performance. Discuss replacement options if there are any structural damages to your filter. A damaged filter can compromise the efficiency of the DPF system.

Discuss regeneration techniques and find out how long it takes between cleaning services. This can depend on a number of factors, including your engine, the age of your filter and your driving habits. Some DPF systems require more frequent regenerations, so be sure to ask about your personalized maintenance needs.

Schedule Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Today

Choose a leading service provider for all your diesel engine needs. Whether you’re driving your personal diesel truck or heavy equipment for your business, contact us to schedule your DPF systems cleaning and maintenance service. Keep your truck running efficiently for years to come with this and other maintenance services by a leading team in your area. Ask about our emergency roadside services to keep your vehicles protected day and night.