White bonnet big rig semi truck with open hood for engine inspection and possible mobile repair standing on the truck stop parking lot on row with another semi trucks

Fleet Maintenance

Care for your fleet with quality fleet maintenance services. At Dixon Fleet Services, we specialize in full-service maintenance scheduling for a variety of diesel engine vehicles. Explore our process and how we use personalized maintenance plans to reduce the risk of sudden breakdowns and emergency repairs throughout your fleet.

Our Process

Whether you operate a single diesel truck or a large fleet of tractor trailers, we handle all your maintenance needs. While we personalize our vehicle maintenance service for your specific needs, we have a few services that we typically provide. Here are a few services we provide to keep your fleet operating efficiently:

      Detailed maintenance plans

      Comprehensive inspections

      Preventative maintenance to restore OEM diagnostics

      Complete repair history

      Convenient repair request services

We start by evaluating every vehicle for signs of maintenance and repair needs. Our team of diesel mechanics have over 30 years of experience working with all sizes of diesel engines, so we’re qualified to repair your heavy equipment, tractor trailers or fleet of other commercial vehicles.

Once we compile a list of maintenance and repair needs, we prioritize each service to ensure your fleet is ready for any project.

While our maintenance services are designed to avoid breakdowns and limit downtime, there are sometimes unpredictable repair needs. For these, we offer roadside assistance to quickly repair your diesel vehicle.

Why Choose Dixon Fleet Services?

Work with a leader in fleet maintenance in the Raleigh Triangle. At Dixon Fleet Services, we’re confident we can provide industry-leading maintenance and repair services for your entire fleet. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy when you work with our team:

      Competitive pricing

      Fast Response Time

      Certified NAPA parts

      Diesel Mechanics with over 30 years of experience

      Onsite storage for large equipment

Because our team handles routine maintenance and emergency repairs, you can enjoy reduced downtime. Our mechanics will be familiar with your fleet from our inspections and maintenance routines, so the repair process can be accelerated.

Maintenance isn’t just about avoiding breakdowns. Enjoy improved fuel efficiency, reduced repair costs and improved engine power with a tuned-up truck. From DPF cleaning and to tire services, all of our maintenance steps are designed to limit the chance of a breakdown and improve the performance of your fleet.

Create a Fleet Maintenance Schedule Today

Contact us today to discuss your fleet and find out how you can enjoy affordable, reliable preventative maintenance. Choose a leader in fleet services to keep all your trucks, heavy equipment and other commercial vehicles operating efficiently.