Professional mechanic testing diesel injector in his workshop.

Performance Tuning

Get the most out of your diesel engine and propel your fleet forward with innovative diesel performance tuning. At Dixon Fleet Services, we know what your diesel engine is capable of. Power through any obstacle and enjoy improved engine performance with this and other professional services by our experienced mechanics.

Components Covered in our Service

A diesel performance service is about far more than just your engine. We cover a wide range of components to improve the performance of your diesel vehicle. Whether you’re tuning up your personal truck, heavy equipment or an entire fleet of tractor trailers, here are the components we handle as part of this service:

      Diesel engine and turbos

      Fuel system

      Exhaust system

      Air intake


      Suspension, wheels and tires

      Additional accessories

Minor inefficiencies in any of these components can reduce the efficiency of your diesel vehicle, so it’s important to schedule preventive maintenance before you experience a breakdown.

Because every system operates together, it’s important to receive a full tune up if you’ve experienced any issues with a single system. After a replacement exhaust, transmission repair or new wheels, it’s a good time to ask about a full performance tuning to ensure every system is operating efficiently.

The Performance Tuning Advantage

Why tune up your diesel engine? Even if your diesel engine is operating, there could still be a number of factors holding it back. We start with your ECU and include visual inspections and other tests to find any services that can improve your vehicle. Here are some of the ways that performance tuning can improve your diesel engine:



      Fuel economy

      Reduced risk of breakdowns

Most of the advantages of a tune up rely on your ECU. This component not only monitors your vehicle’s performance but also adjusts fuel injection and other key features of your engine. A tune up can spot any damaged sensors and adjust the systems controlled by the ECU to take advantage of this innovative system.

Tune Up Your Fleet With Dixon Fleet Services

Don’t wait until your diesel engine experiences significant issues, but stop by Dixon Fleet Services for a full tune up. Contact us today to learn more about diesel performance tuning and find out how you can benefit from this service delivered by our qualified, experienced mechanics. Our full-service tuning complements our maintenance and emergency repair services, so you can enjoy all your diesel needs at one convenient location.