Cropped photo of a technician repairing the cooling system in the car

Radiator Engine Cooling

Restore full efficiency to your cooling system with our comprehensive cooling system service. At Dixon Fleet Services, we understand the importance of effective cooling for your diesel engine. Prevent overheating issues on your trucks and heavy equipment with premier services in the Raleigh Triangle and throughout North Carolina.

Radiator Services

A massive radiator on your heavy equipment can be damaged by a number of on-the-job incidents or maintenance issues. A bent or broken radiator can cause a coolant leak and an overheated engine. Excessive engine temperatures, leaking coolant or other unusual engine issues are signs you need our services. A minor temperature issue may be a sign that your radiator has a slight leak or blockage. Contact our 24/7 emergency repair hotline to prevent a significant leak or overheated diesel engine.

Cooling System Services

Enjoy field cooling services by our highly trained and experienced diesel mechanics. Here are some benefits of choosing our services for your damaged radiator or other engine cooling issues:

      Reduced down time

      Certified NAPA parts

      Competitive pricing

      Mechanics with 30 years of experience

Don’t wait until your engine overheats and requires emergency repairs. A hot engine can lead to a number of costly repairs, so work with our responsive team of mechanics to look for signs of a damaged cooling system.

From a minor patch and a coolant top up to a full radiator replacement, we’re capable of maintaining and repairing the entire cooling system on any tractor trailers or heavy equipment. Leaking coolant is harmful to the environment and costly for your operation, so let our mechanics assist you with a full-service inspection and repair.

Schedule a Repair Service Today

Turn to Dixon Fleet Services today for all your heavy equipment and tractor trailer repair needs. Contact us to request a radiator service. We offer roadside assistance in the Raleigh triangle and throughout North Carolina, so you won’t have to drive your heavy equipment with a damaged radiator or leaking coolant.